My time in Oaxaca is coming to its close.


I successfully completed my weaving called “It Rains Almost Everyday”. In that piece I incorporated a pattern that Norma taught me called the ‘eye of rain’.  I also finished my other landscape backstrap weaving, and will be finishing my frame loom piece today or tomorrow morning.


I’ve been doing sketches and small-scale drawings of places I have visited too. I hope to create large drawings and watercolors for my show at 621 in the spring. I have found that when I draw a place that I’ve been, it allows me to re-experience the visit. It also allows for small detail that I might have missed initially to come into focus. I have been taking a lot of photographs to document our adventures and now they are becoming quite useful.


I am so thankful for my time here, but I am looking forward to heading home on Monday!