End of Week 3

Week three is slowly coming to an end. This week, we completed our lessons with Norma and I was able to warp both looms for new weavings. My fourth week in Oaxaca is self-directed, which means I choose how I spend my time. I am hoping to complete the two new backstrap weavings that I started this week, as well as completing a frame loom piece about Hierve del Agua.

I will be writing about my experience and hopefully generating ideas for artwork that I can make when I go home. I am also finishing a book or two this week. I have been reading A Field Guide to Getting Lost and 100 Years of Solitude, as well as the readings provided by the residency program.

Time will be necessary for me to really synthesize and process all that I have experienced here. But I know I am grateful for my time spent in Oaxaca. 

Stay tuned for finished weavings!!