Days 3 & 4 in Oaxaca

Thursday morning came quickly, marking our third day of instruction with Norma. We learned more design work with thread and I was able to show her a frame loom and how to use one. I gave her a small one of her own and she seemed pleased. I was able to ask her questions about setting up dimensions for future weavings and next week we will be exploring the possibilities further. Class was followed by a trip into town where we shopped and ate lunch. I bought a beautiful wool wall hanging and had delicious fried fish for lunch. We were all quite tired after lunch, so we rode a taxi back to the house. Thursday night there was supposed to be a meteor shower that was visible for the southern hemisphere, so I set my alarm for a 2AM wake up call. I woke to find flashes of light in the mountains; it was almost like a rhythmic lightning with absolutely no sound. It was pretty cloudy, so I assume the clouds blocked the meteors and all I could see was the light coming off of them.  Nonetheless, it was pretty amazing to watch.


Friday morning we were taken into town to buy materials for our workshops. After trying a couple stores with no luck, I arrived to the Museo Textil de Oaxaca. This museum had a gorgeous collection of textiles as well as a store. In the store I was able to purchase a couple skeins of dyed wool yarn as well as something I had never seen before- It is called Ixtle, and it is a fiber that is taken from the inside of the leaves in an agave plant. It’s white and smooth, and has a resemblance to horsehair. I am excited to integrate this new fiber into weavings next week. I also hope to journey to a weaving community called Teotitlan to purchase more wool yarn for my pieces. We rode home after our few hours of shopping, and I was able to take a nap and sketch ideas of projects to come.