Fully Funded!

Thanks to these 33 people who donated to my Kickstarter. I am fully funded and will start making the rewards for everyone!!

Velma Hines, Dan Stewart, Elise Thompson, Mary Grace Allison, Haley McKeehan, Susan Williams, Anna Broussard, Elaine Diaz, Andrea Jones, Molly Gleason, Chris Craighead, Marisa Estes, Marybeth Tawfik, Joanna Waldron, Carolyn Henne, Ashley Schermerhorn, Michael Horlikck and Liz Saint Rain, Melissa Robinson, Margaret Hester, Greg Cox, Beverly Craighead, Rita Jackson, Danielle Thomas, Chris Craighead Sr, Sharon Norwood, Helaine Braunig, Erin Mello, Michelle Eccles, Holly Hanessian, Brian Curran, Pam Massery, Lis Blair, and Nelda Graza. 

And those of you that sent funds in: Marla Riedel, Jennifer Infinger, Laverne Lee, Lance and Tiffany Beauchamp and Megyn Tiller!!

All of these people are so generous to have helped me reach my goal. 

I am going to Mexico!!!